3 steps to claim your mTap NFC device for digital business card, how to program nfc

Programming NFC Tags with mTap

How to program NFC tags in three simple steps. 

  1. When you receive your new mTap, tap it on your phone where the NFC reader is. 
  2. When you click the link, you’ll see a window with a photo of your mTap and a button to Claim. 
  3. After you click to claim, you will be prompted to name your mTap and assign it to your profile. Hit Save when you’re done.

Now, your mTap is linked to your profile! Test out your new mTap by taping your’s or your friend’s phone.

When you get your new mTap, tap it on your smartphone and follow the prompts.
Programming your new ​​mTap in three steps


So you lost your mTap?

No need to worry. You can remove inactive or lost mTap cards, keyfobs, stickers, and magnets from your account. Manage your mTaps on the “my mTaps” page.

The "My mTaps" Page found in the left side bar in your mTap Dashboard
The "My mTaps" Page is found in the left sidebar of your mTap Dashboard.

Click edit to change the name of your mTap or click remove to inactive that mTap device altogether. 

My mTap helps you manage all of your NFC devices linked to your digital business card. If you need any technical assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.