custom vs basic digital mTap using mTap digital business card creator, mTap themes, and custom NFC Business Cards

You can change your hair, change your clothes, change your mind, and change the background color of your business card.

mTap Themes was created for you who like to stand out! Now, you can make your digital business card exactly how you want. Change the background color of your mTap Profile using mTap Themes.

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mTap has a selection of different colors and styles meant to suit any brand or personality. 


How to Change the Theme Colors of your mTap

click preview, and apply, once you are on the mTap Themes page to try different mTap themes.
Change the color of your digital business card on the mTap Themes page. Click Preview & Apply shown by the green arrows. 


Begin using mTap Themes in three clicks:

  1. Go to “mTap Themes,” which you can find in the left sidebar when you’re in your mTap Dashboard.
  2. Choose a theme you would like to try and select “Preview.” You’ll see a mock-up of your design at the top of the screen. 
  3. Once you find a theme you like, click “Apply.” Now you can view your profile and check out your new theme!
custom vs basic mTap profiles with custom digital business cards

If you have any questions or suggestions about how to make a digital business card, comment below or contact us for technical support.