free digital business cards with matching NFC business cards

I have a physical business card, how do I make it digital? 

Physical business cards have always had their limits. Not only are they easy to lose, they never make it to your contacts book or email list because you have to remember to manually type each one in. Nobody has time for that. 

If you’re looking to make lasting connections with people throw both in-person meetings and online conversations, you need a digital business card. mTap offers a free digital business card that lets you share your email, phone number, social media, media, and websites all in one go. Your contact card can instantly be saved on someone's phone, and other people can add their contact to your leads list. 


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mTap Users and their digital business cards and business cards with a NFC and qr code

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How to add a digital business card to the email

In a world of zoom meetings, slack channels, and endless emails, digital business cards are a must. People need more than your phone number and email; they want to see social proof in your reviews and photos of your work on your social media. Sharing your website, youtube videos, scheduling calendars, and pitch decks are all part of building professional relationships. 

So, instead of making an email signature with your name and number, why not just a link that shares everything in one go? If you use social media, put your mTap profile link in your bio to connect with people who come across you online. 

mTap lets you share your business card digitally. 

free digital business card with unlimited links
An example of a Real Estate Agent's Digital business card with information on their business and listings.

What’s included for free in mTap

A comprehensive set of features:

Free Analytics Included!

free analytics on who is viewing your digital business card
Free mTap analytics include the number of views your profile gets Today, In a Month, and In Total


Your free mTap profile lets you know how many views your profile has had.

Now you can know how many views your Digital Business card is getting.

Know how many views your virtual business card has had:

  • Today
  • This Month
  • In Total


These kinds of analytics are very useful in keeping track of how many eyes your work and contact info are getting in front of. 

For more detailed analytics, explore mTap Pro and mTap Pro +. For technical support, contact us