Showcasing the Left side bar and dashboard updates

mTap gotta makeover! 

The goal of the new update is to:

  • Simplify the flow of how you navigate
  • Showcase the advanced features you have access to
  • Fix bugs and address your top concerns

After hearing feedback from some of you, we were able to pinpoint what mTap needed to make it a simple tool that saves you money and streamlines the manual process of networking which you rely on to bring in new business and form valuable partnerships. 

The largest change is the design of the sidebar.

mTap Dashboard and Side bar pulled up on a computer screen. (
An example of what the new dashboard and sidebar looks like (

After logging into your mTap profile, click the three-by-three box in the left corner to see the complete list of everything you will need to navigate 

You will notice the mTap Dashboard got an update as well. You have the option to create a Second profile on the same account (mTap Pro +). Your Second mTap Profile meets the needs of users wanting a business and personal profile. 

How do I customize my mTap profile?

How to make a business card using mTap only takes three steps: 

  1. Click “Manage Profile” in the left sidebar as shown in the image above.
  2. Click “Edit” Next to your name to fill out your contact card information. Here, you can add a profile picture or logo, and you can customize your pronouns. Click save when you are done.
  3. Click Add “+ Add Links” begging to choose the links you want to add. You will be prompted to add a link or username for each platform and you can customize the title of a link here too! Be sure to hit save after you fill a form out for each link.
    managing my mTap on a laptop screen
    The two green arrows point out buttons to make your business card in the mTap Dashboard.

    When you have added all of your links be sure to choose a mTap theme to make your mTap profile represent you! (Find “mTap theme” in the left sidebar)

    View your mTap profile to see the final look and you can go back and make changes any time. 

    If you have any questions about how to make a business card using the mTap dashboard do not hesitate to contact us.