How it was implemented

Here is a timeline of how we get started and where we are going further

  • Dec2018

    MTAP Idea

    • Idea generation and Blockchain development.
    • Premine 350,000 MTAP
    • Project is entirely self funded, preminne will be used to help with all costs associated with the project (coin development,exchange listing fees, shared masternode listing fees, mobile wallet devolopment, app/platform development, etc…)

  • Jan2019

    Technical & Strategy Development

    • Official Website Release.
    • MTAP Coin Blockchain Launch.
    • Win & Linux Wallets Release.

  • Feb2019

    MTAP Coins – PRESALE

    • Block Explorer Release.
    • Start of PRE-Sale Activity (Max 50 MN to sell)
    • PRESALE Page creation.
    • Creation of an automatism to directly purchase 2000 MTAP Coins and receive them on their wallet.
    • Start Listing Requests.
    • Listing on

  • Feb2019


    • End of Pre-Sale.
    • Release of MN Guide to configure MasterNodes.
    • Release of Staking guide.
    • Listing on CryptoBridge Exchanage.
    • Starting Trading Platform Development.

  • Mar2019

    Listing Activity

    • Listing on MNO.
    • Listing on Coinlib and CoinGeko.
    • Listing on other Exchanges.

  • Mar2019

    New Releases

    • Release of Mac and Web wallets.
    • Release of OS X and Android wallets.

  • Apr2019

    Release of MTAP Platform

    • Release of MTAP Platform : Exchnage and Trading Platform.
    • Start to share profits from platform (including trading fees and listing fees) with MN holders.
    • Traders will receive a certain amount of MTAP Coin as a trading reward for each transaction based on the transaction volume.

  • May2019

    Release of ARBITRAGE & SIGNALS Services

    • Release of Arbitrage Service inside platform.
    • Launch of Signals Service.