Create a mTap Team

mTap Teams allow you to never lose another prospect lead. mTap Teams works best with mTap Products

  • Capture lead contact information in person or passively
  • Engage with new contacts and your team using popular digital channels
  • Measure the ROI on your Team’s networking efforts and clicks on your team’s profiles

Step 1: Create an mTap Account

  1. Go to Teams to sign up
  2. You will receive a confirmation email, make sure to check your spam folder
  3. Click the link in the email to confirm your email

Step 2: Choose an mTap Teams Subscription

mTap Subscriptions are based on the number of Team Members you will be adding to your mTap Teams Dashboard. 

Important note: An mTap Custom Card is included with an Annual Subscription for each of your Team Members. 

  1. Go to and choose a subscription plan that suits your needs
  2. Note: you can split members into multiple teams and pay a single subscription for the total number of members

Step 3: Create a Team

mTap Teams lets you split all your teams up into teams. This way your Lists and Profile settings stay separate between different groups. 

  1. To add a new Team go to
  2. Click + Add Team in the top right corner 
  3. In the Bar title “Team Name” in what you want to call your new team
  4. Your new Team has been created!
  5. You will be taken to the Team's Dashboard where you can customize and build your team.

Step 4: Edit Teams

You can change your Team name or other details even after you’ve created a new team.

  1. Go to
  2. Locate the block with the Team would like to change
  3. Select Edit
  4. Here you can change the following details for your mTap Team
    • Name
    • Number of Members
    • Company Name
    • Website URL

Divide Teams into Departments

mTap Teams can be divided into departments. 
Separating Departments allows you to group members within your team. 

Create a new Department

  1. Go to and select the Team you want to add a new department to
  2. Click Go to Dashboard in the block with your selected team
  3. In the mTap Team Dashboard, locate the block labeled “Departments”
  4. Click Member Departments
  5. On the Departments page, select the + Add Departments button in the top right corner
  6. In the bar label Department Name, enter the name you would like to label the new department
  7. Select Submit

Set up Welcome Email for new Team members

To add members to your Team, customize the welcome email with the link for new members to join.

  1. Go to the mTap Dashboard of the Team you would like to add new members to
  2. Find the box labeled Member Management
  3. Click Welcome Mail Set up to go to the Email Template Setting Form
  4. In the Subject Bar, the default subject line says, “Please accept the Team member Invitation.” 
  5. Customize the subject line if you would like to
  6. In the Email Template Body, the default welcome email says “Hi [first_name], Please click the link below to accept the invitation and set the password.[login_url] ThanksTeam”
  7. Leave the Bracketed terms in the email, as they will be automatically filled in. 
  8. Customize the email how you like
  9. Click Save Configuration 

How to Add Members to your Team

Team Members can be added to teams individually or in bulk. Add team members manually when you only have a few to add. For large teams, save time by adding members in bulk.

Manually Add Team Members

  1. Go to the mTap Dashboard of the Team you would like to add a new member to
  2. Find the box labeled Member Management
  3. Click Manually Add Member, if you get a red box telling you to set up the Welcome email first follow the directions above to set up a welcome email for new team members
  4. On the Add Member page fill out the blanks for the new member
  5. When you finish, click Submit
  6. The new member will receive the welcome email
  7. After they accept, you will see their profile on the Member Dashboard

Add Multiple Team Members at Once