Your LAST Business Card

Your LAST Business Card

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What is mTap?

mTap is a customizable digital card.

Since your profile is completely customizable,

mTap can be your

  • Business Card
  • Social Media Reference Landing Page 
  • Identification Tag 
  • Shortcut to frequently visited sites 
  • Sign Up Form
  • File Sharing Tool

“I made 68 new connections
in a single day of networking using mTap.”

Roopak Gupta Founder & CEO
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mTap makes your life easier by:
  • Replacing your old paper cards and documents with eco-friendly digital versions.
  • Collecting digital sign-ups and leads in person.
  • Letting you never have to worry about forgetting your business cards.
  • Making sure you stay in the minds (and phones) of people who’d like to work with you.
mTap makes your life easier by:
  • Letting you share your username to any app without having to type it in manually.
  • Simplifying how others create and save your contact in their phones.
  • Catalyzing the effort it takes to grow  a loyal following.
  • Making to experience of sharing contact details easy and fun.
mTap makes your life easier by :
  • Giving you the power to effortlessly find your favorite sites on the internet. 
  • Letting you stay connected with people without having to write anything down.
  • Making important information easy to access. 
  • Becoming a detailed identification tag for your bags, pets, children, or yourself.


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