How mTap Optimizes Prospect Data Collection for Trade Show Exhibitors

How mTap Optimizes Prospect Data Collection for Trade Show Exhibitors

Finally, the day has arrived and soon the doors will open. Thousands of potential customers will be walking by your tradeshow exhibit booth to take a peek at your products and services. Can you get them to stop and talk? 

Of course, you can, because you have done all of the work to prepare for the show. You have invested months of time and effort. You have sweat over your exhibit design. You may have bled all over your exhibit listing to make sure it was compelling. You may have even shed a tear or two as you poured through the attendee list to target the people you absolutely, positively had to meet at this show.

But now you face the moment of truth. 

  • How can you attract people to your booth and engage in a conversation?  

  • How can you create an amazing first impression that makes them say WOW?

  • How can you capture their contact information and share your information in a memorable way?

  • How can you follow up, follow up and follow up again to convert suspects to prospects and customers? 

  • How can you guarantee that no one on your exhibit team loses a prospect opportunity ever again?

mTap: The Answer to Prospect Data Capture for Tradeshow Exhibitors

mTap is a Digital Business Card Platform designed to transform your tradeshow exhibit experience by optimizing prospect data capture, creating an amazing first impression, and positioning you to never lose another tradeshow prospect opportunity again.

How does mTap work to optimize prospect data capture at tradeshows? 

  • With a simple tap or touch on a smartphone, you can create powerful first impressions, instantly sharing your own digital profile with links to your most impactful information. 
  • Your prospect can save your contact information to their phone with a single touch as well as instantly connect with you to share their contact information. 

Without a single keystroke of business card data entry, you have both added yourself to your prospect’s contact list and captured their contact information.

Now you can automate their follow-up activity through your CRM and deepen your prospect connections, sharing additional information on your mTap Digital Profile through email or SMS (make sure you get permission!)

You will also save money and reduce the environmental impact by never buying another paper business card. You can save even more with no need to print any collateral material because all of your information is accessible on your mTap profile.

Mobilizing Your Exhibit Team for the Tradeshow with mTap

As a Sales or Marketing Manager responsible for tradeshow results and return on investment, how can mTap help you manage your team of exhibitors at the tradeshow?

  • First. you will be able to monitor each and every team member’s prospecting activity throughout the show. You will be able to see who is working the floor and who is smoking by the door.
  • Second, you will have access to every team member’s connections. You will be able to stay on top of every lead and ensure no team member - or your company - ever loses a prospect again!
  • Third, you can ensure brand integrity for all team members and know what collateral is referenced with each and every prospect. No one will go “off-brand” while you control their mTap digital profile.
  • Fourth - and this is essential in our data-driven world - you will access real-time analytics to measure team member performance. No more guessing who is working it and who is not - let the data speak!
  • Finally, you can easily manage follow-up activity by integrating with your CRM and moving prospects through your established sales process.

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