Why mTap? brings smiles

With mTap, you can present the most complete profile of you and your business, leading to faster networking, more impactful connections, and deeper customer relationships. 

You can share your FREE mTap profile 

  1. In Person: By using your NFC enabled mTap device 
  2. Online: As email signature, in social profile as a link
  3. Print Media: Your mTap profile comes with a QR code

You can not only share all of your basic contact information but also any business-related custom links that really make you stand out. Reducing paper usage also lets us participate in Go Green initiative.

Easy as 1-2-3

Getting started with mTap is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Create Your FREE Lifetime mTap Profile. Create your contact card (think business card) and add your links. A typical Profile takes less than 60 seconds to get started and less than five minutes to publish. Of course, you can experiment with your custom links and custom themes as often as you desire.
  2. Next, order the mTap that’s right for you. Choose from a wide range of NFC-enabled devices including key fobs, business cards, stickers, flats, magnets, cards, and window stickers. Most of our stickers have 3M adhesive and ferrite to ensure they work on metal surfaces. 
  3. Activate Your mTap and Link to Your Profile. Most smartphones have native NFC readers built in (iPhone on top and Android in the middle). First, tap or touch your mTap device with your phone. Next, open the link on the pop-up. All that is left is to sign in to your account and you have activated your mTap device. 

Networking Pro-Tip

Offer your colleagues, prospects, and customers a free for life mTap Profile.