To comprehend the complete feature set and utility of mTap.


You will get the most out of the platform's services if you understand the total utility of a mTap account.


Step 1: Add your name and upload your latest image for your profile picture.

Step 2: Add the essential contact details to your mTap profile.

Step 3: Add your brand details, such as brand name, logo, and job title, if any.

Step 4: Add unlimited marketing materials and a customized link to your website on your mTap profile.

Step 5: Include business resources like payment options, meeting schedulers, and social media handles.

Step 6: Set a theme to suit your business and your brand's unique voice.

Step 7: Add a Call-To-Action button.

Step 8: Create unique links by including a brief bio and an embedded video you would like your prospects to watch without leaving your profile.

Step 9: Add any PDF documents and files you would like your prospects to access.

Step 10: Use the online or offline QR code, handy mobile widget, mTap custom digital business card, and other mTap accessories to network seamlessly.


So there you have it. Your mTap works like a charm to give you the boost you've been looking for in your networking efforts.