To use mTap Analytics to track the views, leads, saved and shared contacts for better networking. 

Prerequisites: ​

Whether a user has an active subscription of mTap Pro, mTap Pro Plus, or mTap Teams, the analytics tab can be accessed to keep a track of the mTap activities. 


Step 1: Visit in your web browser.  

Step 2: Sign in to your mTap profile. 

Step 3: Tap Analytics on the left sidebar of the web browser. 

Step 4: Track Profile Activity and Tap on Select Date Range. 

Step 5: Check the total number of Views, Leads, Saved, and Shared. 

Step 6:  Track the total number of clicks on every link mentioned in the social profile.   


That wraps it up, then. Your mTap profile can now serve as a central hub for tracking the overall engagement with your most important links, videos, contacts, and leads.