Why mTap? is Green

Did you know 10 BILLION business cards are printed each year? 

What’s even more mind-blowing is 8 BILLION business cards are tossed in the trash within one week of being exchanged. 

mTap changes all of that and helps you make a difference for the planet as well as for your networking results.

Custom link will allow you to upload brochures, product catalogs, resume, or any other information that you want to share. No more printouts and rushing to find the paper at the spur of the moment.

Custom Links

How do you add a custom link, perhaps to a specific landing page or video?

  1. After you have logged in to your mTap account, click on the “Add Links” button
  2. Choose ”Custom Link” then copy and paste your link. Link to any URL and add a Title as well as a brief description.
  3. But wait, there’s more! You can add a custom image such as a logo to your custom link.

Now select “Save and Publish” and you’ve added your custom link to your mTap Profile. Come back often and add even more links to create your most explosive impression!

Networking Pro-Tip

Encourage your contacts to "Save" your mTap Profile. 
Now they have permanently captured not only your contact information, but also all of the other valuable information you have built into your mTap profile. You no longer need to worry about them tossing your business card in the trash and you have saved a tree too!