Why mTap? is lead generator

The first time I used mTap in a conference, I created 70 LinkedIn contacts and 30 contacts through the "Connect" feature on the profile. This was mind-boggling! 

Using Connect feature

  1. Ask your contact to fill in the lead form that pops out when you click on "Connect"
  2. You receive an email with the details, your contact receives the link to your mTap profile 
  3. All leads can be downloaded from your dashboard by logging into www.magic.marketing 
  4. In future you will be able to connect these leads to marketing newsletter or get them in the CRM of your choice. 

Networking Pro-Tip

Do you have valuable content that isn’t all about you, but could be valuable to your colleagues, prospects and customers? Create a custom link to a video or web page and share it through your mTap Profile.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about mTap.