How does mTap Pro impact my prospecting?

With 100 SMS/Email messages each month, mTap Pro provides many opportunities for you to connect with prospects and instantly follow-up to deepen your connections and share your contact information and most vital digital assets.

What’s the added value of link tracking with mTap Pro?

mTap provides the ability to share many vital digital assets with your prospects, customers and colleagues. With mTap Pro, you can determine which information is of greatest interest to them by tracking the links they click, enabling you to adjust the order of your profile links for maximum impact.

What additional information can I share with mTap Pro?

mTap pro provides additional profile fields as well as embedded video and presentations for maximum impact with your prospects, customers and colleagues.

Can I connect offline with mTap Pro when I don’t have Internet access?

Absolutely! With mTap Pro’s offline QR code, you can share your mTap digital profile in a train or a plane or anywhere you are unable to access the Internet.

Can I integrate mTap with my CRM?

Yes. mTap Pro integrates with Salesforce, HubSpot, Keap and many other CRM’s. You’ll never lose an opportunity to connect with prospects and convert them to customers with mTap Pro.